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Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented software engineer to join our growing team. You will be the producer and keeper of clear, concise code and ensure that our programs come to life in a functional, flawless, and efficient manner. Must be consistent in your process, communicate effectively, and finish projects in a timely manner.

Software Engineer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collaborate with upper management to determine programming objectives
  2. Participate in development of new software applications
  3. Write code that supports these objectives and provides optimal functionality
  4. Edit and improve upon code in existing software programs and applications
  5. Design new programs and applications that will enhance our business
  6. Ensure code is error-free, readable, efficient, and logically organized for ease of access
  7. Aptly name variables and include code comments for future users
  8. Provide supplemental program instructions and diagrams for code in layman’s terms
  9. Develop set systems and tasks for efficient coding processes
  10. Run extensive tests and trial runs to confirm proper functionality and desired results
  11. Operate debugging software and seek out root cause of error in coding or sequences
  12. Perform detailed, manual checks of code
  13. Troubleshoot errors effectively and efficiently
  14. Create, manage, and maintain coding databases
  15. Formulate efficient database retrieval systems
  16. Frequently run upgrades on systems
  17. Utilize information from code libraries to ease and expedite the coding process
  18. Ensure programs, external equipment, networks, etc. are all in proper communication
  19. Provide model diagrams and prototypes of your programming system
  20. Collaborate in cross-functional projects
  21. Stay abreast of industry breakthroughs and any new relevant programming technology

Software Engineer Job Requirements and Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in computer programming, computer science or related field
  2. 2+ years of programming experience
  3. Extensive knowledge PHP and JAVA
  4. Proven mastery of use in our preferred framework such as Code Igniter
  5. Professional manner and accountable for work performed
  6. Strong independent work ethic
  7. Efficient and accurate coder
  8. Adept problem solver
  9. Excellent database management skills
  10. Results driven